Free access to rare editions Institute of World Literature!

Dear faculty, staff, students and undergraduates!

The federal agency research organizations Institute of World Literature named after AM Gorky, Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS Institute of World Literature) posted more than 600 rare scientific books in free access.

I earned a new website "Electronic Library of World Literature of the RAS". Earlier books were laid directly on the site of the Institute of World Literature.

 The library is constantly updated, and now there are hundreds available electronic versions of scientific publications 1848-2016 years separated the following areas:. "Theory of Literature", "Russian Literature", "Literature in Russia and CIS nations," "Foreign Literature", "Folklore "" Periodicals World Literature "," Pointers and reference. " 


Publications are available for viewing and download to any interested person. Registration is not provided on the website. Among the books posted on the website particularly noteworthy works of such prominent philologists like TA Kasatkina, Vyach.Vs. Ivanov, ML Gasparov, GD Gachev, AN Veselovsky, SG Bocharov, DM Magomedov, MM Bakhtin, AA Anikst, SS Averincev, EM Meletinsky, VY Propp, OM Freudenberg, VN Axe, Jakobson and others. The interesting questions you can contact the electronic reading room ZKGU Scientific Library. M. Utemisov or send an e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


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