Dear faculty, staff, students and masters!

Association of Advanced Research and Higher Education "East-West", Vienna, Austria invites you to the following articles in cited journals with non-zero impact factor:

European Journal of Technical and Natural Sciences

(European Journal of technical and natural sciences). The journal publishes articles in technical and natural sciences.

European Journal of Humanities and Soial Sciences

(European Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences). The journal publishes articles in the humanities and social sciences.

European Journal of Literature and Linguistics

(European Journal of literary criticism and linguistics). The journal publishes materials on philology.

European Journal of Educatoin and Applied Psychology

(European Journal of Education and Applied Psychology). The journal publishes materials on pedagogical and psychological sciences.

European Journal of Economics and Management Sciences

(European Journal of Economic Sciences and Management). The journal publishes materials on economic sciences.

European Journal of Biomedical and Life Sciences

(European Journal onomeditsiny and life sciences). The journal publishes materials on the biological and medical sciences.

Magazines are designed for students, undergraduates, graduate students, doctoral candidates, young professionals, teachers and researchers.

More information can be found here, either in the Electronic Reading Room of the Scientific Library (room. №102, corps №1).


Letter "East-West" Association

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