Republican students' scientific research, the results of the contest winners!


Republican research competition

Congratulations to the winners!

2013 - 2014 years students in the academic year of the traditional national scientific research student of WKSU-7 at the end of the contest became one of the top places. They Are:

1.Axmetqalïeva Samal "5V010700 - Fine art and drawing" on the 3rd;

2.Zïnwllïna Elvira "5V011300 - Biology" 3rd place;

3.Zwlxaeva Künzïra "5B011200 - Chemistry" 3rd place;

4.Ïgolkïn Gennady "5B011600 - Geography" 3rd place;

5.Qurmanïyazova Riza "5B011700 - Kazakh language and literature" 3rd place;

6.Wtarova Nurgul "5B011800 - Russian language and literature" 2nd place;

7.Şıntemïrova Gülsaya "5B012100 - Kazakh language schools with non-Kazakh language and literature" 3rd place.

 Student research contest congratulates the staff of the university.


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