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On November 7, 2014, organized by the West Kazakhstan State University, a famous scientist, Honored Worker of Education, Doctor of Philology, Professor by Otarali eagle on the 60th anniversary of the birth of "by Otarali eagle and language issues of" national scientific-practical conferencewas held.

The conference Zhubanov Aktobe Regional State University Vice-rector for educational and socio-economic issues, Ph.D., associate professor Mirow Mukhtar Orynbasarovich, Atyrau State University assistant professor, Ph.D. - Abdrakhmanova Jumazïya Mazhitovna, Utemissov BQMW-University Professor, Doctor of Philology S. Murat Bokenbayevich, doctor of philological sciences, professor of WKSU-Hassan participated in the Gabit Kairzhanovich, read their reports at the plenary meeting, with the theme of the conference. In addition, Ph.D., professor of the Eurasian National University named after LN Zhakipov Zhantas Altayevich sent the report online.

Plenary session, the moderator of the collection: Doctor of Education, West Kazakhstan State University Dean of the Faculty of Philology, Professor Kydyrshayev Abat Satybayevich carried out. Foreword West Kazakhstan State University, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Academician Imangaliyev Mary Sälimulına, and the rector said in his speech congratulated the guests of the conference, wishes for a successful meeting. Deputy Mayor of the guests of the conference presented a letter of congratulations Maken Bakhtiyar Mäkenulınıñ.

Scientists wife, Ph.D., associate professor Yerzhanova Boys Rısqalïqızı scientist's son, "future" fellows, and graduate of the University of Cambridge in London, a member of the World Association of engineering, the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Amsterdam "Shal" Chief Engineer Eagle Ulan Otaräliulı and O.Bürkitulınıñ source saw colleagues and disciples.

Read reports at the plenary session: 1. Hasanov Gabit Kairzhanovich - Doctor of Philology, Professor (Stockholm): "researcher Professor O.Bürkit journalistic style"; 2. Worlds Mukhtar Orynbasarovich - Ph.D., associate professor, Zhubanov Aktobe Regional State University Vice-rector for educational and socio-economic issues (NYC): "O.Bürkit and Zhubanovedenie"; 3. Abdrakhmanova Jumazïya Mazhitovna Ph.D., associate professor of Atyrau State University (Berlin): "Multilingualism is the experience of the culture of the world"; 4. S. Murat Bokenbayevich - Ph.D., professor of WKSU (Stockholm): "Professor O.Bürkit and Turkic"; 5. Zhakipov Zhantas Altayevich - Ph.D., professor of the Eurasian National University (Astana): "O.Bürkit some issues and knowledge of the Kazakh language" (in the form of online report).

byrkit 2-compressorAfter the reading of the reports, PhD, associate professor, his wife was given the floor U.R.Erjanovağa, O.Bürkittiñ familiar with the contents of the 4-volume monograph, was presented. Presentation of newly published works of West Kazakhstan State University, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, academician cut Imangaliev. In the direction of scientific books U.R.Erjanovanıñ WKSU publishing center. Says by Otarali Bürkitulınıñ scientific articles and studies and collects memories of the teacher-scientist, published on the basis of the decision of the Academic Council of the University of West Kazakhstan State.

WKSU the work of the Conference of the teaching staff, and Kazakh language and literature teachers of the schools of the region, as well as young scientists, graduate students and students of the institute. Furthermore, the poets and writers, heads of public organizations in the city, invited the representatives of the mass media. From sections of the conference planning of scientific articles published in university newspapers. Kazakh Philology Department of the fact that the highest level of the Conference of the teaching staff involved.

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