We are the energy of the future, the winner of the national competition for young people between the innovative and dynamic projects

zhastarOn October 21, 2014 organized by the Department of Youth Policy of the Ural city of West Kazakhstan region "We are the energy of the future" Youth innovative and dynamic projects in the national competition. Students presented their projects to the cities of Kazakhstan. The main purpose of this competition through the selection of projects in the international exhibition EXPO-2017, employment of young people with new ideas to increase their interest in the development of the country, as well as the high-level segment of the exhibition. The competition was divided into the following sections:

1. "Contacts";

2. "IT technology and robotics";

3. "Oil and Gas";

4. "energy-saving technology."

WKSU the contest 2-year student majoring in physics at the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics Qabdığalï touches the part, the 1st place. He "created by the synthesis of hydrogen and helium atoms Power" project "Energy Saving Technology" section of the proposed and defended. The main objective of the project in the future, clean, safe, high-quality and efficient energy sources that will be useful. The main objectives of the project is building a power station: hydrogen and helium atoms synthesized from sunlight, electricity by increasing the speed with the accelerator. Sent using the energy from the capacitor transformers, a source of energy to consumers.

The competition was held at a high level. Students as well as graduate students presented their projects to the competition. Such research projects during the contest to increase young people's interest in science.


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