June 18, 2014 there was a meeting of West Kazakhstan State University named after MV Utemisov (Kazakhstan) with representatives Sangkonghoe University (South Korea).

logo koreyaThe main purpose of the meeting is the official signing of the Treaty of intent on cooperation between universities in the field of higher education, postgraduate education, science, based on the mutual desire to develop friendship, trust and cooperation.

The main objective of the Treaty, the intention is to combine efforts for the formation of professional work in the field of education, science and culture. To implement the Agreement, the parties' intentions have agreed to cooperate in the following areas:

- To establish and implement joint educational programs on the basis of additional agreements;

- Ensuring academic mobility of students and teachers;

- Recognize the equivalence of specialties, which are studied in both universities and academic results obtained;

- Promote the establishment of scientific cooperation and exchange of scientists;

- To provide mutual assistance in improving the academic qualifications of scientists and teachers;

- To share experiences on the implementation and development of advanced teaching methods;

- Promote the exchange of publications and materials for conducting research;

- Organize bilateral joint symposiums, seminars and scientific conferences;

- Carry out (subject to availability of opportunities and mutual interest) joint research projects and programs;

- To inform the public of both countries on the activities of the Contracting Parties;

- An exchange of student groups (sports, cultural, artistic, KVN, etc.) in order to enhance cultural relations and the development of friendly relations between the youth of the two universities.



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