Secular society: the connection between religion and tradition of the Republican Scientific and Practical Conference

IMG 7079On June 5, 2014 in West Kazakhstan State University of West Kazakhstan region, and together with the regional prosecutor's offices, regional Kazakh Drama Theatre motivated by religious extremism, religious situation in Kazakhstan for the development and improvement of the mechanisms of maintaining a "secular society: religion and traditionconnection between the "republican scientific-practical conference.

Conference was attended by representatives of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Kazakhstan, regional prosecutors, the scientists of the universities in the country, in mosques, madrasah teachers, WKSU teaching staff, regional educational institutions, teachers and school teachers, as well as graduate students and young scientiststo the students. The conference religious scholars, scientists, political, regional, religious and community leaders and heads of public organizations in the city and invited representatives of the mass media.

 Deputy Mayor of the West Kazakhstan region Bakhtiyar Makenovich Maken and Western Province Deputy Prosecutor Xamïdolla opened Zïnollaulı Daueshov. During the plenary session of the WKSU first vice-rector Asset Sembaevich Tasmagambetov "the formation of the sovereignty of the state, historical features", a member of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Kazakhstan national IPG, Regional Naib Imam of the mosque Ersin Bekaydarulı Ämireniñ "non-traditional religious movements in Islam ideologically motivated", a member of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Kazakhstan national IPG "Light" Rustem Malikovich Syzdykov chairman of the public association "Kazakh people today of a state religion", "Ural" madrassa teacher at a private institution Mohamed Nagy Shushan Kasemniñ (Arab Republic of Egypt) "Religion and tradition" and Zhangir Khan West Kazakhstan agrarian a senior lecturer at the technical University, she Malikovna Xayrwllïnanıñ "Tolerance - the basis of inter-ethnic harmony", West Kazakhstan Engineering University for the Humanities "Jurisprudence" department of petroleum Nurlybaevna Axatovanıñ "Relïgïovedçeskoe Education as a factor in the formation of svestkogo society" heard the report of the header.

Astana conference, Karagandy, Taraz, Pavlodar, Atyrau, Aktobe and Uralsk qalalalarınıñ university lecturers and school teachers, is the importance of the theoretical and practical level, presented the report of the 55 content.

The conference includes a plenary session, the other three sections: Section 1 "secularism and secular state: the constitutional and legal aspects", Section 2 "of secondary and higher education system in the Republic of Kazakhstan the issues of the principle of secularism", Section 3 "secular society, religious agreement: the role of religion and traditional values ".

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