The international round table

IMG 0464 miniMay 21 at West Kazakhstan state University M.Utemisov held an international round table "Development of cooperation in the study of the tourism potential of the natural heritage of West Kazakhstan region", which signed a Memorandum on scientific and pedagogical cooperation between the "Makhambet Utemisov West Kazakhstan state University" and "Regional center of youth tourism and ecology" of the Department of education of WKO. The event was attended by: Fomin Viktor Pavlovich – Director of"Regional center of youth tourism and ecology", candidate of pedagogical Sciences, Efimov Vladimir Mikhaylovich - geologist and paleontologist, the Chairman of the Ulyanovsk branch of the Russian Paleontological society, candidate of geological-mineralogical Sciences, John of Moraczewska – Professor, University of Casimir the Great, doctor of philosophy, PhD (Poland, Bydgoszcz), Yakimenko Galina Alekseevna – honored geologist of Kazakhstan, scientific Director of the team of young geologists WKO, Bidashko Svetlana Fedorovna – the daughter of the scientist, entomologist, zoologist of the highest category F. G., Bidashko.
In order to form a paleontological Museum on the basis of M. Utemisov WKSU well-known Russian scientist-paleontologist, V. M. Efimov, donated to the UNIVERSITY in about 20 specimens of fossil flora and fauna. Also for replenishment of exhibits of the Zoological Museum on the basis of M. Utemisov WKSU and ensuring proper storage and systematization of scientific materials the family of F. G. Bidashko donated to the University about 70 boxes with entomological collection of the famous Kazakh scientist entomologist F. G. Bidashko.
In the period from 22 to 26 may it is planned to conduct joint paleontological excavations of scientists and students of M. Utemisov WKSU, the members of the Regional center of youth tourism and ecology, Kazakhstan, the scientists of the Ulyanovsk branch of the Russian Paleontological society on Mesozoic outcrops between the village of Pogodaevo and former S. Shchuchkin district Baiterek Western Kazakhstan region.


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