In the Scientific library wksu them M. Utemisov was an exhibition of «Kitap - sarkylmas Kazyna» to the «Year books» in the CIS

«Year of book» in CIS

In the Scientific library wksu them M. Utemisov was an exhibition of  «Kitap - sarkylmas Kazyna»  to the «Year books» in the CIS.

The purpose of the exhibition: to familiarize students with the history of books and libraries, to promote and increase interest in the book.

The book is a spiritual Treasury, a source of wealth, a mirror of life, a mirror of time, a chronicle of history, a source of knowledge, an educational tool, a weapon of political struggle. The development of the book is inextricably linked with the release of writing and the search for the necessary materials. President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev recommended young people to read more books.  «Two things that shape a person are what you read and who you communicate with. I do not know what you are reading, going to a new way of life, but I would recommend Russian writers of the great genius of Tolstoy to read, not necessarily «War and peace», he has a lot of works that teach to live», - said N. Nazarbayev during the lesson of patriotism in the capital school-Lyceum № 64 . The President also advised to read Anton Chekhov, Honore de Balzac and the works of some philosophers. «Read Chekhov, he has all the life, about the relationship. From ancient times I personally love to read the philosopher Seneca», he said.

There are such words and the statement of  Mukhtar Auezov: «From the time when the book became a dear friend, we can assume that the soul has become an intellectual».

The event was attended by students groups Pimno-21, Pimno(y)-13(Pedagogy and methodology of  elementary education), PIP-31(education and psychology), IIC-31(Fine arts and sketching). Student Temirbulatova Ayaulym shared his thoughts, stating that «we learn through the book the letters and go to the world of knowledge. The book fills our knowledge, from the book we get a lot of examples – from art to education». Gulstan izturganova believes that «the book plays an important role in human life. It instills love for the Motherland, the desire to be modest, friendly, tolerant. We take it all from the pages of books.  I think that nowadays you need to read books in the age of computer technology».

During the event, the librarian Gulshira Sadenova conducted a review of a book exhibition «Kitap - sarkylmas Kazyna».

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