Transition to the Latin alphabet-a step into the future


September 26, 2018 In the scientific library of WKSU M. Utemisov held a round table on the topic "Latin line CSU – tln bales Zhana Kazakh".

This event was attended by first-year students of the faculty of Philology and the faculty of pedagogy and psychology, as well as teachers of WKSU M. Utemisov - doctor of philological Sciences, Professor Sabyr Murat Bokenbayevich; associate Professor, doctor of philological Sciences Khasanov Gabit Kairzhanovich, specialist of linguistics, candidate of philological Sciences Aronov Kuspan Nurgaliyev, candidate of philosophical Sciences, associate Professor Shaikenov Zhangeldy Jumabaevich. The main problems of the Latin alphabet and changes in the pronunciation of the Kazakh language were discussed at the round table. In addition, students shared their thoughts about the transition of the Kazakh alphabet from Cyrillic to Latin, received answers to their questions. The employee of Research library Sadap Nurgaliyev held a book review of the exhibition "Latin line CSU – time modern requirement" took place. The exhibition presented materials on the program "Look into the future: modernization of public consciousness", the transition to the Latin alphabet and valuable books From the Museum of rare books of the scientific library of WKSU M. Utemisov, written in Latin.

270920181The main purpose of the event was to support the initiative of the leader of the nation on the transition of the Kazakh language to the Latin script. What will contribute to the study of the Kazakh language and the development of the ideas of Kazakhstan patriotism.


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