Inspired by the ideas of the President

Contrary to numerous pessimistic forecasts, people, inspired by the ideas of President Nursultan Nazarbayev, having overcome all difficulties and trials, managed to build a strong, prosperous state, which today enjoys well-deserved respect from the whole world.

This was made possible by full-scale presidential reforms that ensured sustainable economic growth, fair social policies, and a steady democratization of society. Our ancestor Yusuf Balasagun said: "The core of the country is knowledge, the key to the dignity of people," and our president is well aware that today is the time of human dignity and the conquest of knowledge. It was written more than 3000 books about the leader of the nation, about the treasury of history, about the legacy of his fruitful work. The scientific library of the West Kazakhstan State University named after M. Utemisov on November 28-29 organized events dedicated to the Day of the First President.

In the reading rooms №1, №2, №4 a round table was held with the book exhibition "Тuуелсіздік тірегі-ілттық тіл", "Елиімен етене - Елбасы", "Кемеъгер Елбасы - рысысы елімнің", where books about the life and activities of the Leader of the nation were presented N.Nazarbayev and world leaders on the role of the President in world politics. A student of the 1st year of the Pedagogical Faculty Salhaeva Aigerim read the report on the biography of the first president. Also, the staff of the reading rooms reviewed the exhibition and explained the article of the president "Bolashak ba'dar: ruhan jahyyru", where they added that the Latin alphabet should be absorbed by the consciousness of our future generations. The students of the 1st course of the Physics and Mathematics Faculty, curator L.I. Urynbayeva, students of the Pedagogical Faculty of FCC 15, PII 11, PIMNO 11, DIV11, Deputy Dean of the Physics and Mathematics Department B.Zh.Haypnazarov.

The main goal of the event was to awaken patriotic feelings, a feeling of love and respect, to explain that the biography of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan is inseparable from the modern history of the country and the people.

As the Leader of the Nation said: "Our youth must live and behave in such a way as to protect our customs and traditions as an apple of our eye, to admire and inspire everyone around us with their talent, to freely navigate in the starry sky of the advanced thought of humanity .... The younger generation should be educated so that in the mind and heart of every citizen from the very childhood a simple and capacious thought takes root: "Kazakhstan is my Motherland, and just as it is responsible for me, so I am responsible for it."

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