Book transcription in a gift.

Book transcription in a gift.

There are people, has put and which acts – cause feeling of deep respect, fill soul with joyful kind light and warm heat. These people have quality, trait of character, rare for modern time, – they are able to give, give – gratuitously, free of charge … Generous gift of soul noble … The donator is a special property of soul, it is generosity, this unselfishness, it is love to the library. In fund of the ZKGU Scientific library of M. Utemisov from readers books periodically come to a gift on various branches of knowledge. One of such donators can call the athlete, the honored trainer of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the associate professor, the senior teacher of department of physical training Zhubanyshkali Sadyrovich Zhardemov who has contributed a number of books to fund of the ZKGU scientific library of M. Utemisov:

1.  Astana:Encyclopedia. edition: I.N. Tasmagambetov. - Almaty.: Atamra, 2008. - 576b.

2. Bkey of an ordasyn to the 200th zhyl-Bukeevsky Horde 200 let:buklt. - 40 hp \истов

3. Great fights of nomads / K.M. Baypakov. - Almaty.: Hadamard, 2007. - the 192nd page

4. States of the Great steppe / Z. Kinayatula. - Almaty.: Adamdar, 2007. - the 216th page

5. Zhumaguzhin A... and anything except. - Almaty, 2009. - the 136th page

6. T. Shyarmalara's _zt_leula (yly basyly). - Almaty, 2007. - 588b.

7. Nabibullin Zh.T_l of a shyndaa t_nekter. - I Shouted, 2013. - 212b.

8. Nazarbayev of N.A. Euraziya to a zhreg_nda. - 2-sh_ basylyma. - Almaty.: Atamra, 2008. - 192b.


Heartily we thank Zhubanyshkali Sadyrovich and all all our donators for their invaluable gifts, for generosity of soul and kindness of heart. Let these solar people live in joy and in health, their life will be safe and successful and that they have never lost such rare qualities as generosity, unselfishness, kindness.

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