The book is the purest essence of the human soul ....

The book is a window into the world of cultural diversity, it is a bridge that connects different civilizations in time and space.

The information carrier, the basis of education and creativity, the book gives an opportunity to each culture to tell about itself, acquaints with customs and traditions of different peoples.

April 23 is a symbolic date for world literature. In 1995, in Paris, the decision of the General Conference of UNESCO in tribute to books and authors, this day was proclaimed as "World Book and Copyright Day".

kniga 1To this significant date, an exhibition of new acquisitions, timed by the employees of the Scientific Library of the WKSU named after M.Sh. M. Utemisov on the first floor of the administrative building. At the exhibition books on all branches of knowledge were presented. The decoration of the exhibition was new illustrated books for children of primary school age "Menі Otanim - Kazakhstan = My Motherland-Kazakhstan = Kazakhstan, My Natitive Land". One can also single out a series of books on history and literary criticism - T. Omarbekov "Kazakhstan" (Қазақ елі) тарасыы, Қ.Т.Жғұмағұлов "Еуропа және America елдерінің жаңа және қазіргі заман тараыы", А.ллшыбек "Әдебиеттану ғылымына кіріспе" , E.Shaimerdenly "Kazakh aphorism" (Ayl-oi anthology: bazydan-buginge deyin) and many others.

kniga 2       The task of this event is to inculcate the love and respect of students and a wide range of readers to books. Thanks to them we get access not only to knowledge, but also to ideas, spiritual and moral values, to understanding of beauty and creative achievements of a person.

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