Nauryz is a holiday of unity of all people on Earth and nature, a holiday of harmony, light and good! It is a holiday of spring, renewal of nature, the beginning of a new year, a new life. On this day people dress smartly, go on a visit to relatives and friends and do not cease good wishes. For the eastern people of Nauryz, it's like the New Year, because both holidays are considered messengers of a new life. Even the name of the Nauryz holiday in Persian means nothing but a "new day".

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In all corners of our vast country with a large scale celebrate this great holiday. Yurts are put, delicious dishes are prepared, concerts, cognitive activities and, of course, sports competitions and national games of the Kazakh people are held.

On March 16, in the Reading Room No. 4 of the Scientific Library an event was held under the name of "Armsysiz әz, Nauryz!" With the participation of students of the Pedagogical Faculty PIMNO-11, SPM-11, dedicated to the celebration of the Great Nauryz holiday. During the event, the librarian of the Reading Room No. 4 MN Dnalieva. Held a review of the book exhibition, during which she acquainted students with the traditions and customs of the Kazakh people. The students of the pedagogical faculty Zhumayali Around and Nemetova Aidana expressed their opinion about the people's signs according to the traditions and customs of the Kazakh people. At the end, the library staff thanked all the guests and participants and wished them prosperity, health and prosperity in the new year.



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