A talented artist Saken Gumarov

gumarov 1In the scientific library WKSU them. M. Utemisov in the reading room No. 4, February 22, 2017. a meeting was held with the students of the Department "art and design", namely groups IIC-11 and D-11, dedicated to the after a 80-letïyu dnya Birthday Saken Gumarova. The main goal of the event is to acquaint the younger generation with one of the representatives of the rich cultural heritage of our Republic, a painting which bears a huge charge of optimism and gives the key to understanding the whole unity of the world.

gumarov 2The employee of research library Galieva M. N. conducted a bibliographic review of a book exhibition " A talented artist Saken Gumarov", where he acquainted the students with the major works and biography of sakena Gumarova born in Bukeevna, in the land of hot Sands and hot air on the North-Western edge of Kazakhstan,namely in West Kazakhstan region in Bokey Orda district. Saken Gumarov -talented artist who made the Treasury of painting an unusual palette and a philosophy of work. The event group student IIC-11 Nazim Svengalis made a report, which vividly described the life and work of Saken Gumarova. gumarov 3

At the end of the event, the students understand the language of art, the future artists with interest got acquainted with the works of art, containing illustrations of paintings, CV, psychological profile and other interesting information about the work and the Outlook of the artist, revealing his inner world, which refuted the common opinion that "in the province there is no place for the development of art."



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