"The open day" Scientific library

In order to improve the information culture of students and teachers 16.02.2017 in the main hall of wksu them. M. Utemisov scientific library held a "Day of open doors". The program of the event included a preview of new literature, a visit to the Museum of rare books, familiarization with the latest technologies used in the library, work with the electronic catalog. With great interest visited the exhibition of new literature "Zhana debater crimes", the exhibition consisted of sections of "the Works of the First President N. A. Nazarbaev", "the English Books", "Works of the teaching staff, released to the RITZ wksu", "Bibliography", "Electronic publications" and "textbooks".

den otkrit 1At the exhibition were presented books of Nursultan Nazarbayev, the First President of Kazakhstan-Leader of the Nation, as well as "Books in English", which we bought for multilingual groups from foreign publishers, OXFORD and SPRINGER. In the section "Papers" students could read the works of scientists of the University, see the design and format the books produced by the publishing center. In the section "bibliographies" the visitors have been discovering many scientists of the University, got acquainted with interesting scientific articles. Most impressive was the tour of the Museum of rare books, which presented a unique vintage and rare books Dating from the XVIII-XIX centuries. den otkrit 2Students at the University of Ulyanovsk, arrived at the University, were pleasantly surprised by the book of L. F. Magnitsky "Arithmetic" – encyclopedia of mathematical knowledge 1703 edition, where this initial information, arithmetic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, practical application of their mechanics, geodesy, navigation, the solving math problems, examples, formulas, and "Encyclopedic dictionary" Granat brothers released the LP "the Brothers A. And I. Granat" in Moscow. Visitors of the event got acquainted with the innovations of the library in the reading rooms, in particular, the principle of operation of RFID-technology, electronic library catalog, domestic and foreign full-text databases. 

 den otkrit 3The event was attended by groups of students with the curators of physical and mathematical, natural-geographical, pedagogical, philological and historical faculties, do not stay aside and professors of our University Kaplenko V. P., President E. sh., A. Z. Amenov, Ydirkeb A. S., Lomonosov, I. M., Aldiyarov, Zh, Komarova A., Abdirahman А.К., Nurpeisova A., Abdrakhmanova G. S., Arigatou A., Aronov, K. H., Utepkalieva G., Aubekova G., Zubkov, A. Romanova, Mukhambetova À., Ismurzin J. A., Khaziakhmetov S. A., Shalekenov G., Esenova S., Kadyraliev J., Tsenov D. J., Akhanova G. K., teachers of the Department "Economics and management": Akimaliev A. J., Chudrova V. U., Talaspaeva A. E., F. K. Muhambetov., Egzalieva A. B.,M. Zhumagalieva, Tlisov A. B., Sharafutdinova A.,Turniyazova A. I., Bulanova N. To., Cheremukhina, O. V., Antonova N., Sadykov G. A.; masters Madeliev A. S., Ormanova, & Qu.; as well as employees of the University Tastewa J. K., Esekenova M., A. Hasangaliev, Bekkaliev J. M., Abdrashev A., Podgorny, T. V., Dzhumagalieva M. O., G. Remem Many are interested in books Karbaeva B. B. "Kazakh khandygynyn Alu history", Tlepova J. "XIV-XX Gasyr basundi Kazak adebieti", D. Amantay "Makhambet filosofici", published in Almaty in 2015 and 2014. 

den otkrit 4Open doors day of the Scientific library was visited by 328 readers, of which 279 students, 38 teachers, 9 staff and 2 graduate students.

Also in action took part Vice-rector for educational work and social issues Darisheva T. M., head of strategic development and commercialization office Imashev E. Z., Director of strategic development and quality Yurov ov 

den otkrit 5Oleg Vinalies, in particular, noted that :

"The scientific library is one of the oldest libraries not only in our region but in the country, where there is more than 1 million copies of textbooks, fiction literature, scientific literature. Today we see that the library continues to play an important role. The book remains a source of knowledge, of intelligence, of development of civil and Patriotic qualities. And our library performs a critical role here, where there are regular open days and exhibitions of the new literature necessary for the educational process. Especially on the state and foreign languages support all our programs. I think that the contribution of our library in the University's development, in the upbringing and education of young people is invaluable and very huge. And I want to wish success to all the staff of the library in this hard work." 

At the end of the event, the Director of the scientific library Alimbetova I.e., expressed her gratitude to students and teachers, stressing that each book has its own value. Such events provide an opportunity to look at the work of our library and to identify priorities for the future.


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