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In all parts of the country is carried out explanatory work on the basic principles set out in the President's message "The third modernization of Kazakhstan: global competitiveness." Our university is one of the oldest universities in the country takes an active part in the cultural, educational and educational environment in the area. Therefore, promoting the basic ideas of the Message - is one of the most important areas of work on patriotic education of the youth of today. The library has long been a driving mechanism of civilization, as well as the heart of any educational institution.

news poslan 1 news poslan 2Scientific Library ZKGU them. M. Utemisov as cultural, educational and educational center, as each year has been working on the implementation and interpretation among its readers the basic ideas of the Message. February 8, 2017 in the electronic reading room of the library was a discussion of the Message of President of Kazakhstan N. Nazarbayev "Third Modernization of Kazakhstan: global competitiveness." It was attended by the head of the Office of Commercialization and Strategic Development Imashev E.ZH., senior teacher of "World History and social science" TT Shaikh, Ph.D. Ismurzina JA, director of the Scientific Library Alimbekerova TE, employees library and students.

news poslan 3 news poslan 4Turar     Tolegenovich, as a specialist in the field of policy, spoke on "Elіmіzdің sayasi zhүyesіnің demokratiyalandyru үrdіsіnің Zhana belesі" which reflected the basic political and democratic ideas of the Head of State for the redistribution of powers between branches of government and ways of their realization. In turn, spoke on "Damudyң Zhana daңғyly" senior lecturer  "History of Kazakhstan"  Ismurzina JA He highlighted the major milestones of the Message and its historical role in the development of Kazakhstan's political system.

As the President said, the future of the country is an active, intelligent, educated in the spirit of patriotism of the younger generation. With special inspiration was heard addresses a grant under the program "Serpіn", a member of the Debate Centre "Aқiқat" student group 07301 S. Amalov the report "Elbasy zhane Kazakhstan", which emphasized the role of young people in strengthening the political, economic and intellectual stability of the country .

 Bibliographer of the Information Technology and bibliographies of scholarly library Kenzhegalieva AM conducted a review of the book fair, where books were reflected on the life and political activity of the Head of State NA Nazarbayev and the Message to people of Kazakhstan during the period from 1997 to 2017.

Students and teachers were asked their questions. At the end of the director of the Scientific Library Alimbekerova TE thanked all the participants and guests of the event and noted that we have done everything possible to solve the problem for the further implementation of the basic ideas set out in the Letter.



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