Scientific achievements of the doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor Imasheva Gizatully Imashevicha

Science in the modern society plays an important role in many industries and areas of life. Undoubtedly, the level of science can serve as one of the key indicators of social development, and this is certainly indicator of economic, cultural, civilized, educated, modern development of the country. In the center was always a man of the universe. The human mind, curiosity, desire to know the world around us - that is the main engine of civilization. Scientists are at all times made the greatest discoveries in all fields of science, making our lives more comfortable and interesting.

One of these scientists with full confidence can be called Imasheva Gizatullu Imashevicha. Throughout his career he devoted to science. In different years he worked as an intern, teacher, senior teacher, assistant professor, head of department, dean, vice-rector for science and international relations, the first vice-rector. The main purpose of his life seen to provide organizational and methodological support to research, innovation, and international activities of the university.

Currently it has 6 monographs, 15 teaching aids, 20 methodical instructions, over 193 scientific papers - including 8 articles in the foreign-based Scopus database.

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On 4 articles published in abstracts based Scopus database, made by onomu citation, makes it possible to measure than the h-index is equal to 1- h-index.


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