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Teacher - the proud title of that life are only the most honored and worthy! Occupation teacher combines the wisdom and youthful soul, creativity and tremendous energy, kindness and rigor! One of the brightest representatives of this profession with great confidence can be called a candidate of philological sciences, associate professor, ethnographer, author of more than 40 works Yerzhanova Ould Ryskalievnu. 

1314The program of a special course "Batys Kazakhstan oblysynyң toponomiyasy", "Aқzhayyқ өңіrіnің toponomiyasy", "Batys Kazakhstan bald-jer su ataularynyң sөzdіgі", a collection of exercises on phonetics course "Modern Pentathlon Kazakh tili" - is only a small part of her works.

On November 25, the walls ZKGU them. M. Utemisov held a round table devoted to the 60th anniversary of Ould Ryskalievny. The guests of the round table became mayor of the city of Uralsk Turegaliev Nariman Turegalievich, head of the department of culture, archives and documentation WKO Kusainov Dauletkerey Atauovich, Deputy Director for library work OUNB them. J. Moldagaliev Kenjebayeva Sarah Kushalievna, professors prepodvatelsky composition ZKGU them. M. Utemisov, students and undergraduates. During the meeting a presentation of the book Ould Ryskalievny "Batys Kazakhstan oblysynyң onomastikalyқ keңіstіgі". The staff of the library, to get acquainted with a wide range of chitateyley her life and work organized an extensive exhibition "Ғalym. Ұstaz. Tulga ", where they were presented with books, articles, photos from the family album and photos that reveal her career. Ould Ryskalievna will always be a role model to the younger generation of scientists, graduate students and his strong-willed character and devotion to his favorite occupation. It combines the qualities of a true educator, a loving mother and guardian of the family hearth.



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