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04 03 1-min  March 1, 2016 in the walls of the West Kazakhstan State University. M. Utemisov Scientific Library of literary and musical evening in memory of the poet Mukagali Makatayev dedicated its 85th anniversary and the celebration of the Day was organized thanks, buyout this year marks the first time. Mukaghali Makatayev lived a short but bright creative life. On the evening were prigasheny deans, librarians of higher, technical and vocational schools, students and undergraduates.

Friends and Contemporaries appreciated his optimism, love for life, a constant search. The poet in his poems addressed to everyone: "Hasten to do good, hurry up!"

The ability to sympathize, empathize, do good, be compassionate became the main criterion of the evaluation of the poet in person. From these positions it is looking at the longer distance traveled, and saw his life.

The poet passed away when he was only 45, leaving a legacy to future generations collections of his poems.

Part of the creative heritage Mukagali Makatayev began his remarkable translations, highly regarded literary community of Kazakhstan. He translated into Kazakh language, "Leaves of Grass" Whitman, "Sonnets" by Shakespeare, "The Divine Comedy" by Dante, works of Russian poet Alexander Pushkin, Nekrasov, Blok.

All this has been told many in the evening for fans of his work. The audience of students of 1 course of philological faculty and specialty vocal art was presented an excerpt from the poem "Aққular ұyyқtaғanda"

Students have great pleasure in reading poetry, "Mұқaғaliғa Arna" - Ғilymhanov Marlene Pahman Nazgүl, "Autograph" -Ihsanғaliev Zheңіsbek, Amanzholov Әnuar, Orynғali Aқtorғyn, Shapagat Aқtoty Love poetry is very musical poet, permeated quiet sadness and tenderness. Love is sung fervently, then philosophically quietly and smoothly, but always igniting the imagination of readers. The main feature of the poems - poetizatsiya feelings of love, light and beautiful. The poems are sincere and lyrical, melodic and simple. This tenderness and musical poet with a soul and a sincere love for creativity expressed Mukagali students of philological faculty and specialty vocal art Pahmanova Nazgүl and Zhұmageldі Talent - "Mahabbat dialogі". Poetry collections of the poet entered the golden fund of Kazakh poetry. A gentle poetic verses set to music and sing songs: "Men depots Oila", "Jas kayin", "Sәbi bolғym keledi", "Ғashyқpyn", "Mahabbat", "Kүren kүz", "Baқytyңdy zhyrlaydy", "Қyzyma" "Zhalaң ayak kyz" and others. The big impression on the audience made a song "Senің kөzің" performed by students of the 2nd course of the specialty instrumental performance Hoyshina Altynbek.

Poetry in the blood of our people. From birth until the hour of death poems accompany the steppe peoples. He absorbs them with breast milk. This idea was expressed at the time still a great Abay. No exception and our students who have demonstrated on this evening, and his poems devoted to the poet.

Mukaghali Makatayev as if through time turns and encourages young people to do good, to be useful to his country, to be the true patriots:

As a mountain peak Khan-Tengri and work of the poet stands in the Kazakh poetry, it is in line with the poetry of Abay Magzhan Zhumabaeva, Olzhas Suleimenov.

Sincerely thanked the organizers of the event and congratulated all those present on the day of thanks, which is the second this year on the orders of the head of gosudartsva noted in the first Dean of the Faculty of Education Ergalieva Guljan Algazievna. In conclusion, the Director Toty Erkinovna Alimbekerova Scientific Library congratulated all on his gratitude and thanked for the active participation of students and teachers in the organization of this event.


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