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mendalieva 1-minFebruary 18, 2016 in the hall of graduates and young scientists ZKGU his scientific library. M. Utemisov undergraduates held a meeting with the professor, Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Honored Worker of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan Mendalievoy Dina Kenzhebekovna. The meeting was attended by Vice-Rector for HP and MS Imashev Gizatolla Imashevich, Director of the Scientific Library Alimbekerova Toty Erkinovna, director of post-graduate Tastaeva Jeanne Kenesovna librarian room undergraduates and young scientists Nashinova Talshyn Salimovna, lecturer of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Geography Gubasheva RN and undergraduates. 



mendalieva 2-min The words of congratulations sounded from the lips of Vice-Rector for HP and MS Imasheva Gizatully Imashevicha. During the conversation, undergraduates were asked their questions on the life and work jubilee, held a slide show "Ұstazdardyң ұstazy". Creative decoration of the evening was the performance of masters:

1. Mұhanbetұly Asқar - kui "Adai";

2. Berkіnұly Azamat - sax-product of "Besame Mucho".

At the end she made hero of the occasion, and by thanking the library donated valuable books.


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