Meeting undergraduates 1, 2 courses with the director, Ph.D., academician Askhat Salimovitch Imangalieva

23-11-1November 21, 2015 in ZKGU im.M.Utemisova, 209 audience (main building) hosted a meeting of masters 1, 2 courses with the Rector, Ph.D., academician Askhat Salimovitch Imangalieva.

The meeting was attended by Vice-rector for HP and MS Gizatolla Imashevich Imashev, deans, department chairs, director Département of Academic Affairs Gulzhahan Smailovna Kaysagalieva, director of the Scientific Library Toty Erkinovna Alimbekerova, head of postgraduate training Tastaeva Jeanne Kenesovna librarian room undergraduates, young scientists Talshyn Salimovna. During the meeting with the parties involved have expressed their opinions, ask questions. All these questions were given exhaustive answers.

Сауалнама - Анкета




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