With the professional holiday!

15-10-2 Librarian - a unique profession, even in something mysterious. He is like a good magician rules the whole world of dreams, fairy tales, travel, romance! October 15 marks the World Day of librarians.

15-10-1In this regard, we want to congratulate the staff of the Scientific Library ZKGU them. Utemisov headed by Director -hrupkoy, feminine the fair half, and at the same time, a strong spirit and strong words of the head Toty Erkinovna Alimbekerovoy with the professional holiday! Surrounded inexhaustible knowledge you give people amazing acquaintance with books of great writers. Your work is invaluable for everyone! Receive congratulations on your professional holiday - Day of the Librarian! Let our library will always be a lot of visitors, even close friends appreciate and love you just because you are there, let the good health and inspiration to go with you for life! Let the book collection will not become scanty. Interesting books and educated readers! Let the Temple of Knowledge replenished with new readers.

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