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The promotion of Kazakh literature, historical, cultural and spiritual heritage, youth patriotic and moral education, as well as to attract readers to read literary books in the library of the "One country, one book 2015" campaign, Garifolla readers at a meeting of the organizing committee, chaired by Name to gain the majority of votes, "the 2015 book of the year" was a prominent writer Elijah Esenberlin "Nomads" trilogy has been selected.

In this regard, the West Kazakhstan State University Library, in cooperation with the Department of Kazakh Philology Elijah Esenberlin "Nomad", held a literary evening to read the trilogy. This event "Foliant" J. By Moldagaliev Regional Universal Scientific Library, Zhangir Khan WKATU library, Municipal and District Directors of the college library, M. WKSU Utemisov faculty, staff, students and graduates.

The event after M.Utemisov Vice President for Research and International Relations, Ph.D., Ğïzatolla Ïmaşulı Imashev Open this year, the "One country, one book" campaign "book of the year 2015" was a prominent writer Elijah Esenberlin "Nomads" trilogy selected Ilyas Esenberlin Kazakh Khanate in the 550 anniversary of the birth of the one hundred year anniversary and noted that there is. At the same time, expressed his gratitude to the organizers of the event, expressed the wish that the passage of literary evenings fashionable and unique.

Deputy Head of the Department of History of M.Utemisov, Ph.D. Ïsmwrzïn Z. Alayarulı about a quarter of a century of independence, the process of the development of a new chronicle of civilization all over the world begin to wonder statehood yesterday, noting that the original readers who want to know the history of Kazakh Khanate centuries-old lineage of four major stages told.

Ilyas his historical trilogy Kazakh countries described the persistent struggle for the independence of the XV-XIX centuries, these difficulties on the roads, internal conflicts, human relations, their behavior and the behavior of an external enemy in the battle hardened units, traditions, customs and consciousness. Genealogical data, based on the legends and history of the Kazakh people of the most important aspects of the disclosure, many of the historical figures of the artistic personality. In this regard, a wide circle of readers, "Nomads" and the novel of ZKGU to I. Esenberlin creativity to express an opinion on the Associate Professor of the Department of Kazakh Philology, Ph.D. Şayekenov of Zhangeldi Jumaqayulı. Scientist, said of the novel trilogy has become a literary and historical data, video transfers, in spite of some of the historical character of the century literary reported circulation of image detail and image of the Great Khan, a three-represented in comparison with the realization of the dream of modern life.

During the event, the efforts of a group of students of the Faculty of Philology "Nomad" was reflected in the novel and the following 2-year student Şığırov Aslanbek Bukharzhyrau dial, art lovers and the general delight of the audience.

WKSU Toty E., Director of the Scientific Library of the event, the results of Alïmbekerova, guests participated in the event, the faculty, the students expressed their gratitude on the part of the staff of the library.

At the end of the late J. Moldagaliev Regional Universal Scientific Library named deputy director of the library Sarah Kenzhebayeva is Köşäliqızı of ZKGU for such a large-scale participation in the event, Director of the Research Library of T. E. Alïmbekerovağa reader service department librarian N. Q.Esengalïevağa, Deputy Head of the Department of History of M.Utemisov. f. . JA Of ZKGU Ïsmwrzïnge Associate Professor of the Department of Kazakh Philology, tel. f. ., J. J. Students look Şayekenovke and J. Moldagaliev Regional Universal Scientific Library named after a letter of thanks on behalf of the "Nomad" presented an electronic version of the trilogy.


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