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From 15 to 23 April 2019 in M. Utemisov WKSU will be held the traditional Week of Science

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Dear students, undergraduates and teachers!  


From April 15 to April 23, 2019 in the West Kazakhstan State University. M. Utemisov will be held traditional Science Week "Youth and Science", dedicated to the Year of Youth. You can get more information about the planned activities in the plan (annex) below or by calling 26-03-68 (department of science and international relations). We invite all students and undergraduates to take an active part in holding the Science Week "Youth and Science."  


Department of Science and International Relations,

Young Scientists

Council student scientific community.

Open University OPEN U

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Dear staff and students!

Connect to the platform of the Open University Open U!

Address:  (check and confirm)

Free access to online courses from leading local and foreign lecturers!

Project: "the Open University of Kazakhstan" – an educational platform offering free access to online courses from leading universities and teachers in the country for everyone without restrictions.

Project goal: increase the intellectual level of the population through the provision of high-quality free online courses.  To make available online education with digital technology.

The initiator of the project: OF "Ulttyk audarma burasy", a non – governmental and non-profit Foundation established in 2017 to implement a project called "New Humanities.  100 new textbooks in the Kazakh language".

In the framework of the project in the Kazakh language translated the best books from leading universities in the world on the history, philosophy, sociology, psychology, anthropology, cultural studies, religious studies, linguistics, innovation, media, Economics, management and business.

The Department's academic activity - 8 building, room 306,

tel 504777

Summer school

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Rector wksu them.M.Utemisov

____________ N.H.Sergaliev

_____________ 2018


about the competition among the teaching staff of M.Utemisov WKSU the introduction of innovative learning technologies

1. General provisions

1.1. The competition among the teaching staff, wksu. After the introduction of innovative learning technologies (hereinafter-competition) is conducted with the aim of finding new ways to improve the quality of training, demonstration of PPS accumulated experience and promote the work of the Department staff to improve the effectiveness of training and methodological support disciplines, the introduction of innovative learning technologies in the classroom as part of the updated content of education.

Under the innovative methods include methods based on the use of modern scientific achievements and information technologies in education and to improve the quality of training by developing students ' creative abilities and self-reliance (methods of problem and project-based learning, research methods, training forms, providing the actualization of creative potential and independence of students, etcD.).

Innovative methods in the educational process involve:

– the use of information resources and knowledge bases;

– the use of electronic multimedia textbooks and teaching AIDS;

– effective use of new learning approaches according to the updated content of education;

– orientation of the content on the best domestic and foreign analogues of educational programs;

– the use of problem-oriented interdisciplinary approach to the study of science;

– the use of interactive teaching methods;

– the use of methods based on the study of the practice (case studies);

– the use of project-organized learning technologies team work on a complex solution of practical problems.

1.2. The present Situation is the main document regulating the procedure of organization and holding of competition defines the rules and conditions of competition, selection criteria and evaluation applied for the participation in the contest of innovative projects, then projects requirements to the submitted documentation. In the development of legal relations in this sphere allowed the adoption of other complementary or specifying regulations.

1.3. The aim of the Competition is to promote wksu educational programs of new generation aimed at improving the quality of training.

1.4. The Objectives Of The Competition:

– development of innovative activities in Tajikistan.

– promoting the activity of the teaching staff;

– formation of knowledge base using information technology as a necessary condition for further development and improvement of innovative educational process wksu.

1.5. The contest of innovative projects held annually in two stages. Stage I is carried out and organized by the faculty of faculty of faculty of stage II is carried out among University faculty and is organized by the center of organization and control of educational process.

1.6. In the second stage, by results of competition the Commission shall determine the 3 prize winners and best project in 3 categories.

2. The conditions of the contest.

2.1. The result of innovative design activity must be a real innovative product that can be offered to market research and educational innovation, and other prestigious exhibitions. Work can be submitted in one of three languages (Kazakh, Russian, English).

2.2. Information about the Contest is posted on the website. in the news section, not later than 10 working days prior to the receipt of bids.

2.3. The timing of the award, the Commission approved by the rector/Dean of the faculty.

2.4. The size of the prize Fund and its distribution among the winners of the Contest is determined by the rector and approved by the order.

2.5. The Chairman of the Commission elected at the first meeting from among the members of the Commission by open vote by simple majority of votes.

2.6. To participate in the Competition of the Department.

2.6. Submitted to the Contest of innovative education technology must be tested in educational process not less than one year.

2.7. Reception of applications for participation in Competition is carried out at the first stage.

2.8. Rules for the submission of applications described in section 4 hereof.

2.9. Evaluation criteria quality and efficiency in the use of innovative teaching methods is evaluated a maximum of 10 points:



the relevance, originality and scientific novelty of the project

the realism of the goals and objectives of the project

the clarity and concreteness determine the end result of the project – innovative product

quality of methodological support of the claimed innovative learning technologies

the degree of implementation of innovative technologies in the educational process (types of training sessions covered innovative technology)

improving the quality of students ' knowledge obtained from the use of innovative technology

2.10. The evaluation commissions of the three participants who score the highest scores determined the winners.

3. Stages of the competition:

Stage I:

1. Accepting applications for participation in Competition;

2. Testing of innovative technologies in the educational process. Report on the effectiveness of using innovative technologies of training in discipline no more than two pages, signed by the applicant, head. the Department, the Dean;

3. Consideration of projects and their evaluation by the Commission;

4. The best 3 teachers in the first stage of the contest among teachers of the faculty are referred for participation in the second stage of the contest among the University faculty. Extract from the minutes of the meeting of the competition Committee in faculty and participants ' documents are provided in the DBP Department of planning and organization of educational and methodical work (8-housing, 201-office).

Stage II:

1. The Committee based on the University conducts analysis of applications based on completeness and correctness of submitted documents, assesses the quality and effectiveness of the use of innovative learning technologies, submitted to the Contest.

2. Held open presentation of innovative projects of the teaching staff in the framework of wksu them.M.Utemisov.

3. In accordance with established criteria (p.2.9), the Commission determines the winners of the Contest among the teaching staff of the University.

4. The procedure for the submission and consideration of development

Application for participation in the Competition constitutes a set of documents:

4.1. Application for participation in the Competition (see Annex 1) served in one copy on paper. The application deadline is at least 30 days from the date of publication of the announcement of the Competition.

4.2. The Competition questionnaire (see Annex 2) served in one copy on paper.

4.3. Testing of innovative technologies in the educational process. Implementation act (see Annex 3) is served in one copy on paper.

4.4. Materials submitted for the Contest are submitted on electronic media (CD/DVD) for consideration by the Commission,

4.5. Report on the effectiveness of the use of innovative technology training not less than one academic year no more than two pages, signed by the applicant, head. the Department, Dean.

5. 4.6. Materials (articles) for publication in the book "School of pedagogical experiences" are available in electronic and paper form in the DBP Department of planning and organization of educational and methodical work (8-housing, 201-office).

Annex 1

The Commission of the Competition among

PPP wksu them.M.Utemisov

with the introduction of innovative

learning technologies from

teacher (s) of the Department


________________ faculty




Please (please) make the documents for participation in Competition among faculty for the implementation of innovative learning technologies.

With the Regulation on the competition among the teaching staff of wksu in introducing innovative teaching technologies, timing of competition introduced (a).

Signature of contractor /Name, initials/


Annex 2

The questionnaire of the participant of competition

"For the implementation. innovative learning technologies"

among teachers wksu them. Utemisov

1. Department _______________________________________________________

2. The executor's full name, position, academic degree, rank


3. Name of subcontractors indicating the position, academic degree, rank



4. The contingent of students using innovative technology, (faculty, specialty, course, number of students) _____________________


5. The discipline for which innovative technologies are used __________________________________________________________________

6. The duration of use submitted for the Competition-learning technology________________________________________________

Signatures of all the authors __________________ __________________

(signature) (name)

                                                    _________________ ___________________

(signature) (name)

                                                    _________________ ___________________

(signature) (name)

Appendix 3


Vice-rector on UMR

___________ Tasmagambetov A. S.

_____________________20__ G.


about introduction of innovative technologies in educational process

The present act is made on the use of __________________________



Development used in educational process on _________________________


(Department, division, etc.)

Development is used _____________________________________________

(when, where, etc.)

The beginning of use of object of implementation ___________________________

(month, year)

The number of students benefiting from the development ________________________


The date and number of the minutes of the meeting of the Department in which development is recommended for implementation _________________________________________

Head. the Department __________________ _____________________________

(signature) (name)

Dean of the faculty _______________ _____________________________

(signature) (name)




International Scientific Forum OF Justice

2019-02-28 07:28:32













Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution
of higher education


Institute of justice

Scientific Student Society


Republican state enterprise on the right

of economic management



Department of Science and International Relations

International Scientific

Forum of Justice

5th of April 2019

Information letter

Dear colleagues!

We invite You to take part in International scientific Forum of Justice (hereinafter-the Forum), which will be held on 05 April 2019 at the Institute of justice of the Federal state budgetary educational institution of higher professional education "Saratov state law Academy".

The purpose of the Forum is to analyze and discuss the most important theoretical and practical problems of modern legal science.

Form of participation – full-time and part-time.

The working language of the Forum is - Russian.

Participation in the Forum is free.

The Forum will be held in the format of open discussions on the following sections:

® Modern problems of legal regulation of the sports industry in Russia and abroad

® Law and medicine: the new reality of the XXI century

® Topical issues of the use of information technologies in legal activities. Legaltech-revolution: future or present?

® Multi-level interactive legal game for students: Law. Sport. Medicine.

The publication of works is planned in the Collection of theses and scientific articles of students on the results of scientific activities of the Institute of justice for the 2018-2019 academic year in may 2019, with the assignment of codes ISBN, UDC and BBK.

Abstracts will be published in the author's edition. The collection is distributed on electronic media.

Venue – Saratov, ul. Chernyshevskogo, 104, korp.1


9:00 – 10:00

Registration of participants

st. Chernyshevsky, 104, building 1 (hall)


Excursion to the Academy of non-resident participants and students

st. Chernyshevsky, 104, building 1 (hall)

10:00 – 11:30

Plenary session

aud. 201 (5 building)

12:00 – 13:30

Section work

aud.102,232,317 (1 building)

13:30 – 14:30


1 building

14:30 – 15:30

Section work

aud.102,232,317 (1 building)

15:30 – 16:00

Summing up the conference

aud.102,232,317 (1 building)

Requirements for submission of applications and abstracts:

To participate in the Forum it is necessary to send it to the address of the organizing Committee of the Forum (to the e-mail of the organizing Committee) by March 31, 2019 (inclusive) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. :

theses of the report no more than three pages (sample of the design of theses -приложение № 1)

Requirements for abstracts:

1. The volume of theses – no more than 3 (three) pages of printed text;

2. Parameters of the page (fields): left – 3 cm, right - 1 cm, top - 2 cm, bottom - 2 cm;

3. FontTimes New Roman, 14pt;

4. Text editorMicrosoft Word, 2003 (!);

5. Line spacing – 1.5;

6. Align text – width;

7. Paragraph indent – 1.25;

8. Footnotes are placed page by page(footnotes fontTimes New Roman, 12pt, footnotes line spacing – 1, alignment width ).

2) application (appendix № 2).

Requirements for filling in the columns «mail»

the name of the first and second author (if there are several) in the format "Surname-Thesis.doc", "last Name-Application.doc".

In the field «"subject" » of the e-mail you must specify: International scientific Forum of Justice

In the text of the e-mail you must specify the following information:

1)full name of the participant;

2) full (decoded) name of the University; faculty (institute), in which the participant is studying;

3) title of the work;

4) academic degree, title and full name of the supervisor.

All works accepted for participation in the Forum are checked in the «Antiplagiat system.». The originality of the work should be at least 60%.

The Organizing Committee reserves the right to refuse to accept the participant's application on formal and other grounds (non-compliance with the requirements for registration of documents, non-compliance of the material with the theme of the Forum, as well as in case of failure to pass the check in the «Antiplagiat» system).

Organizing Committee: 410056, Saratov, Chernyshevskogo str. 104 , academic building

№ 1, office 120

Phone/Fax: 8(8452) 29-90-14, 29-90-14

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The group NSO UW Vkontakte:



The contact persons for communication in the Forum:

Shurshalova Elena Sergeevna – Deputy Director of the Institute of justice for research, candidate of law, associate Professor: 8(845-2) 29-90-15; 8-937-262-82-22; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Imashev Eduard Zhusupovich - head of the department of science and international relations: 8(7112)26 -03-68; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Balandyuk Vadim chairman of the Institute of justice: 8-927-136-26-86 (on all issues,«VK»

Lepshokova DzhantinaDeputy Chairman of the NSO of the Institute of justice: on all issues,«VK»

Appendix № 1

Sample of theses of the report

Petrov S.A.

FSBEI of HE "Saratov State Law Academy"

Scientific adviser:Ph.D., Associate Professor

Abramov P.N.

Judicial practice as a source

civil procedure law

In the Russian Federation, in comparison with previous periods, the influence of judicial practice in law enforcement has significantly increased[1].

Before talking about the impact of judicial practice on procedural legislation, it is necessary to find out what is judicial practice in general. V. M. Lebedev[2][2] suggests ……. [the text of the report]

Appendix № 2


for participation in theInternational Scientific Forum of Justice


If any line is skipped, the request is rejected*

Scientific Student Society of the Institute of Justice International Scientific Forum of Justice

Institute of Justice FGBOU VO «SGYA»

Scientific student society of the Institute of justice

Organizing Committee

International scientific Forum of Justice

5th of April , 2019


[1] Judicial practice as a source of civil procedural law of the Russian Federation // Law Firm Russia ". URL: http: // DocID = 1252245 (access date: 06.19.2017).

[2] Lebedev V.M. Formation and development of the judiciary in the Russian Federation. M., 2000. p. 84.


Full name

Course of study

Full (!) Name of the institution, the institute without abbreviations

Job title

Percent originality

Full name of the supervisor (without abbreviations)

Academic degree and scientific title of the supervisor

E-mail address

Social network “ID” page (“VKontakte”, “Facebook” - if available)

Form of participation (full-time/part-time)

Whether the use of technical equipment is planned (for presentation)

Wishes / comments (meeting from other cities, etc.)


Institute of Justice FGBOU VO «SGYA»

Scientific student society of the Institute of sustice

Organizing Committee

International scientific Forum of Justice

05th of April, 2019

Science events

International Scientific and Practical Conference “Methodical approaches in the process of teaching the disciplines of the cycle of natural sciences in English”

2019-04-17 12:54:05

WhatsApp Image 2019-04-17 at 12.26.02

On April 12, 2019, an international scientific-practical conference was held at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Geography of M. Utemisov WKSU with the theme: “Methodological approaches in the process of teaching the disciplines of the natural sciences cycle in English”.

The conference was attended by: Vice-Rector for educational and methodical work M. Utemisov WKSU, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor Tasmagambetov AS, Director of the Department of Academic Activities of the M. Utemisov ZKGU, Ph.D. in Biology, Associate Professor Kaisagaliyeva G.S.

Senior Expert of the Department of Science and International Relations, Ph.D., Associate Professor of the Department of Foreign Languages ​​S. Kulmagambetova, SES Dr. rer. nat. Gabriele Kammradt (Switzerland), Dean of the Faculty of Natural Geography, Master of Geography A. Turgumbaev, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Dean of the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics A. Medeshova, Dean of the Faculty of Pedagogy, Ph.D. , Associate Professor Gabdrakhmanova Sh.T., Ph.D., Associate Professor of the Mathematics Department A. Kulzhumieva, Senior Lecturer of the Department of Music of Education and Vocal, Vorfolomeeva O., Moderators in Biology, NIS Uralsk Panina O. and Cristian Zorrilla., the faculty of the Departments of Biology and Ecology, Chemistry and Geography - Darbayeva T.E. Doctor of Biology, Professor, Alzhanova B.S. candidate of Agricultural Sciences, Associate Professor, head of the Department of Biology and Ecology, Utaubayeva A.U. Ph.D., Associate Professor, G.A. Bimagambetova Ph.D., Associate Professor WKSU, Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, Associate Professor Kadisova G.N, Candidate of Geographic Sciences, Associate Professor Tereshchenko TA, Candidate of Geographic Sciences, Associate Professor Amelchenko V .A.,. Professor of the Department of Chemistry Eseeva G.B, Master of Science,. Dzhangaziyeva B.Zh., Master-Teacher Sarsenova A.N, Master of Biological Sciences Oskina AA, Master of Technical Sciences Kusainova BM, students, etc. The conference was held using English only.

The International Scientific and Practical Conference was opened by the Vice-Rector for educational and methodical work of M. Utemisov WKSU, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor Tasmagambetov A.S. The aim of the conference was to study the experience of world achievements in the course of teaching the natural sciences using innovative technologies.

The conference continued Alzhanova B.S. Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, Associate Professor, Head of the Department of Biology and Ecology with a report on the topic: "On the experience of the implementation of multilingual education at the Department of Biology and Ecology of the M. Utemisov WKSU."

Doctor of Natural Sciences, PhD Gabriele Kammradt (Switzerland), who arrived at the university under the SES program, spoke about the features of modern education in Europe.

University scientists participating in the conference discussed the methodology of pedagogical competence of future teachers, the student’s personal electronic map as a tool for pedagogical control, CLIL technology in natural science teaching, a plan for using seven modules in a new format in biology lessons and a form of organizing independent work of students, ways of collecting samples herbarium and other important scientific and methodological areas of natural science.

Teacher-moderators in Biology NIS Uralsk Panina O.A. and Cristian Zorrilla held a master class for teachers and students on the topic "Features of the use of CLIL technology in Biology lessons." In the master class, CLIL technologies were used, such as “Drilling”, “Taboo”, “Matching”, and “Traffic lights”. These approaches contribute to the introduction and introduction of subject terminology, developing reading and speaking skills.

Conducting classes, scientific, methodical, educational, social and other activities in the English language becomes a tradition at the Faculty of Natural Geography. Professor Gabriele Kammradt, who arrived at our university for a three-week visit, visited a number of activities in this direction and praised the achievements of teachers and students in the development of the English language.

We are confident that the Faculty of Natural Geography maintains and will further strengthen its status as one of the strongest faculties of the university!


WhatsApp Image 2019-04-17 at 12.26.04 - копия

WhatsApp Image 2019-04-17 at 12.26.04 1

WhatsApp Image 2019-04-17 at 12.26.03

WhatsApp Image 2019-04-17 at 12.26.02 1


Hosted the opening 77-annual scientific-practical conference

2019-04-15 13:26:01

IMG 6346 miniApril 15 in West Kazakhstan state University named after M. Utemisov, the opening 77й-annual scientific-practical conference of students "Youth and science", devoted to Year of youth. All the faculties of the University are actively involved in this project. Welcoming the guests, Vice-rector for scientific work and international relations of the University K. Ahmedhanov said:
"The youth is the future of our country. Our first President Nursultan Nazarbayev always pays great attention to human capital". Main mission of our University is to train young people from the perspective of a prospective, evolutionary development and positive contribution to innovative growth companies. The youth of today face tomorrow. The youth plays an important role in the country's history. Let your first step will be successful. Heartily congratulate you with the opening week of science".
The scholars, representing our University in the region and in the Republic, familiarized the conference participants with their research and projects.
About his way to science and his scientific work was told of a young University scientist, PhD, doctor of geographical Sciences, head of science and international relations Imashev zhusupovich, which is a good example for every student and young scientists.
In the first days of the week, each faculty will host an exhibition of scientific achievements. According to the plan will be held a competition of scientific reports and meetings with young scientists. Will be also presented the Project "Start up WKSU", which will be evaluated by the works of the best scientific projects. Today, according to the Council of young scientists was organized 38 sections 545 and prepared reports.


IMG 6348 mini

IMG 6367 mini

IMG 6375 mini

IMG 6382 mini


The scientific library is provided with access to the Electronic library system (EBS) of the «LAN» publishing house

2019-03-14 10:54:54


EBS "LAN" is a licensed Russian electronic library of educational literature and periodicals, providing commercial access to tens of thousands of books online and in the application for iOS and Android. Collections of "Lani" are replenished with actual academic literature and periodicals of a technical profile in Russian, English, Kazakh languages.

WKSU them. M. Utemisov is connected to a unique collection of FBS "LAN", the exclusive right holder of the classical textbooks of the "Golden Fund" of education, including the fundamental works of B. P. Demidovich, A. G. Kurosh, of G. M. Fikhtengolts, in mathematics, is known, I. E. Irodova, I. V. Savelyev, S. I. Frisch for physics. EBS

Connected databases:

Physics-Publishing House " LAN"

Mathematics-Publishing House " LAN"

Chemistry-Publishing House " LAN"

Music and Theater — the Publishing house "planet of Music"

Art History - Publishing House " Planet Of Music"

In addition, the basic section of periodicals for teachers and researchers is available to all subscribers of "Lani" free of charge and contains publications of more than 600 journals, including 40 items in Kazakh and English. The highlight of the section were the collections of the main scientific schools: RANHiGS, BFU. I. Kant, national research TPU, this high-quality editions indexed by RSCI.

Department of information technology and

bibliographies (room 217). the main building).


ЗКГУ имени М.Утемисова заключил соглашение с Enago для достижения своих исследовательских целей

2019-03-04 12:56:31

Западно-Казахстанский государственный университет имени М.Утемисова заключил соглашение с Enago для достижения своих исследовательских целей

Banner RUS 01ЗКГУ получит преимущества быстрого доступа к первоклассным услугам по научному переводу и редактированию от Enago

27 февраля 2019 г. В рамках своей научно-исследовательской деятельности Западно-Казахстанский государственный университет им. М. Утемисова (ЗКГУ) заключил соглашение с компанией Enago — ведущим поставщиком услуг по редактированию научных работ на английском языке для глобального научно-исследовательского сообщества. Enago будет предоставлять услуги по подготовке рукописей для ученых ЗКГУ. Благодаря этому взаимовыгодному сотрудничеству ученые ЗКГУ значительно повысят шансы на публикацию своих работ в известных международных научных журналах.

Это партнерство имеет большое значение, как для университета, так и для компании Enago. С тремя уровнями поддержки, которая включают в себя Академический перевод, Издательскую подготовку и Научно-техническое редактирование, команда специалистов Enago в различных предметных областях поможет ученым и авторам ЗКГУ подготовить их работы в соответствии с самыми строгими стандартами, необходимыми для принятия и публикации этих работ в журналах. Кроме скидки на услуги, авторы университета получат доступ к Hаучным ресурсам на портале, созданным компанией Enago специально для ЗКГУ.

В рамках соглашения ЗКГУ будет продвигать услуги Enago для авторов среди своих исследователей из числа преподавателей и сотрудников университета, а также публиковать информацию о сотрудничестве на своем веб-сайте, внутренних платформах, в новостях, блогах и социальных сетях.

Для того чтобы отправить свою научную работу (статью/доклад/монографию/заявку на грант и т.д.) экспертам Enago, воспользуйтесь данной инструкцией:

1. Перейдите на портал Enago для исследователей ЗКГУ:

2. Ознакомьтесь с тарифными планами Enago на сайте и определите для себя подходящую услугу:

a. Научный перевод + Редактирование

b. Издательская подготовка

c. Научно-техническое редактирование

3. На сайте нажмите кнопку “ОТПРАВИТЬ” и вы будете перенаправлены на страницу с Формой по заполнению заявки для отправки Научной работы.

4. После отправки формы в течение часа команда Enago подсчитает количество слов в работе и стоимость, затем отправит исследователю подробную информацию и ссылку на оплату.

5. После оплаты команда Enago начнет работу над рукописью и предоставит готовый документ к указанному дедлайну со всеми дополнительными материалами.

Для получения более подробных сведений, пожалуйста, посетите портал Enago, созданный для ЗКГУ:

Enago и ЗКГУ заключили соглашение о редактировании рукописей.


In the Scientific library wksu them M. Utemisov was an exhibition of «Kitap - sarkylmas Kazyna» to the «Year books» in the CIS

2019-02-22 11:58:41

«Year of book» in CIS

In the Scientific library wksu them M. Utemisov was an exhibition of  «Kitap - sarkylmas Kazyna»  to the «Year books» in the CIS.

The purpose of the exhibition: to familiarize students with the history of books and libraries, to promote and increase interest in the book.

The book is a spiritual Treasury, a source of wealth, a mirror of life, a mirror of time, a chronicle of history, a source of knowledge, an educational tool, a weapon of political struggle. The development of the book is inextricably linked with the release of writing and the search for the necessary materials. President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev recommended young people to read more books.  «Two things that shape a person are what you read and who you communicate with. I do not know what you are reading, going to a new way of life, but I would recommend Russian writers of the great genius of Tolstoy to read, not necessarily «War and peace», he has a lot of works that teach to live», - said N. Nazarbayev during the lesson of patriotism in the capital school-Lyceum № 64 . The President also advised to read Anton Chekhov, Honore de Balzac and the works of some philosophers. «Read Chekhov, he has all the life, about the relationship. From ancient times I personally love to read the philosopher Seneca», he said.

There are such words and the statement of  Mukhtar Auezov: «From the time when the book became a dear friend, we can assume that the soul has become an intellectual».

The event was attended by students groups Pimno-21, Pimno(y)-13(Pedagogy and methodology of  elementary education), PIP-31(education and psychology), IIC-31(Fine arts and sketching). Student Temirbulatova Ayaulym shared his thoughts, stating that «we learn through the book the letters and go to the world of knowledge. The book fills our knowledge, from the book we get a lot of examples – from art to education». Gulstan izturganova believes that «the book plays an important role in human life. It instills love for the Motherland, the desire to be modest, friendly, tolerant. We take it all from the pages of books.  I think that nowadays you need to read books in the age of computer technology».

During the event, the librarian Gulshira Sadenova conducted a review of a book exhibition «Kitap - sarkylmas Kazyna».

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