"Scientific heritage of Professor V. V. Ivanov"

                                                                                      "Scientific heritage of Professor V. V. Ivanov"

75a92405-73a5-4b13-b674-3a42cd067448 1 On November 19, 2019 , an event dedicated to the memory of the founder of the Department of Biology and Ecology and the Natural Geography Faculty of M. Utemisov West Kazakhstan State University, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor, Honorary Member of the Geographical Society of the USSR Vsevolod Vyacheslavovich Ivanov. The event was organized by third-year students of the Natural-Geographical Faculty of the Specialty "Biology in English" under the guidance of the Candidate of Biological Sciences, Associate Professor A. U. Utaubayeva. The scientific and educational event “The Scientific Heritage of Professor V.V. Ivanov” was held at a high level.The event, conducted in three languages, contributed to the spiritual enrichment and growth of students through familiarization with the work activities of the famous scientist not only in Kazakhstan but also in the near and far abroad professor V.V. Ivanov.He stood at the origins of the formation of the Department of Botany and the Natural Geography Faculty of the Oral Pedagogical Institute. Studying in detail the flora and vegetation of the Northern Caspian, being an encyclopedic scientist, Vsevolod Vyacheslavovich Ivanov was able to combine the efforts of scientists of different specialties with a common goal - to develop recommendations for the rational use of natural resources of the region and their protection.The educational event began with a brief overview of the biography and scientific research of Professor V.V. Ivanov. During the event, a review of more than 300 works of the great scientist, professor V.V. Ivanov and students of his school was conducted.In the form of presentations and videos, materials were presented showing the auditorium of M. Utemisov WKSU named after Professor V.V. Ivanov, a herbarium founded in 1932 by the scientist himself, his personal library, and also a street in the city of Uralsk, named after professor V.V. Ivanov.At present, the young generation continues the glorious paths of science that were laid by Professor V.V. Ivanov. One of these young people, a student of the “Biology-33” group Anatoly Raiymbek, made a presentation in English on the topic “Buldurta river basin biodiversity” and presented his research in the form of a presentation.At the end of the event, students of the professor spoke - Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor I. E. Darbaeva, Senior Lecturer K. B. Bolatova, Head of the Department of Biology and Ecology, Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, Associate Professor B. S. 925a905a-2729-44e2-9f63-483014b29010 Alzhanova, Senior Lecturer, Department of Chemistry G. B Eseeva, Candidate of Biological Sciences, Associate Professor A. U. Utaubayeva with a story about lectures, practical workshops, field studies and research expeditions of professor V.V. Ivanov.Invited Polish professor from the Kazemierz Wielki University, Dr. PhD Slawomir Kaczmarek in his speech expressed gratitude for organizing such an informative and useful event, which expands and enriches the student’s cognitive and spiritual life, inspires them to further growth and formation as a person.At the end of the event, songs of romances sounded, which the professor loved to sing along with his fellow students at the evening bonfire during the summer research expeditions.We believe that every student, a young teacher who took part at this event, was able to absorb the feeling of devotion, love for his work, the patriotism of the great scientist professor V.V. Ivanov and spiritually enriching relived receiving huge information about the interesting and not easy way of scientific activity of the great scientist. Also useful scientific and educational events contribute to the further growth of students in becoming as a young scientist and is a guide to the scientific world.

                                                                                                                                                     Associate Professor, PhD A. U. Utaubayeva






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