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April 12 – "the Urals".To preserve the national code. Arailym Bekkaliev.

April 12 – "the Urals".Reviving spiritual values. Jeanne Balykova.

April 12 – "the Urals". Science rasshirit horizons. Jeanne Balykova.

March 5 – "the Urals". Large-scale social investments. Lucia Kuraru.

March 19 – "the Urals" Mousestar – 2019. Svetlana Amanova.

March 29 – "the Urals". Nur-Sultan – the city of the new generation. Galina Samoilova.

April 2 – "the Urals". Give jobs to young professionals! Lucia Kuraru.

April 16 - «the Urals». Transit of power in a quiet mode. Zahot Mukhlisova, political scientist, associate Professor.

April 16- «the Urals». Dictation in the Latin alphabet. Svetlana Amanova

April 19 - «the Urals». What excites YOUNG people? Svetlana Amanova.

April 26 - «the Urals». Creators of dance glory of Uralsk. Oksana Guz.




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